Our first day at École Charllie Killam School

2017.04.11,this is our first day at École CharllieKillam School. We are excited to be here. On our arrival, the vice principalMr. Sokorski and Mr. Lansing give us a warm welcome. Then, Mr. Sokorski showsus around the school and gives us a full account of the school. According tohim, we know that École Charllie Killam School has a long history and is now 87years old. In the past, the former name of the school is just Charllie KillamSchool, which is an English name, but now in the name École is French, whichmeans there are two language programs at the school – English and Frech. Inaddition, in the past boys and girls had to study in separate classrooms andentered the school from different entries, which makes our three boyssurprised. After visiting the school, Mr. Sokorski leads us to the generaloffice and introduces the compulsory courses and options. With the help of Mr.Sokorski, the three boys all choose their own options, get their own timetablesof different classes and their own lockers, where they can put theirbelongings, which is similar to our school. Before lunch, Mr. Sokorski leadsthe boys to their own classrooms and introduces the boys to their classmates,where they receive warm welcome form the friendly students. During lunchtime,we are surrounded by many friendly and kind students. After lunchtime, ourthree boys go to their own classroom and have their own lessons according tothe timetable. At the end of the first day, what I see on the faces of our boysare just smiles.

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